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CG 103: Communication (NTI Curriculum)


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Communication Theory and the Ministry of Christ

Communication is not a new phenomenon. It has always existed and played a part in human history. Communication has been an essential element in life and society. It is so fundamental and so necessary that we practice communication—good and bad—without even knowing we do. Communication is so indispensable that all personal and social development is impossible without it. All social organization depends on communication. In fact, all our life is communication. All we do as family, church, village, city, etc. is influenced by communication. The church adheres to a conception of life based upon belief in God and obedience to the Bible. Christians hold on to the idea that its message is vitally important: the Gospel of new life that one must communicate to the world. But, how can we succeed in communicating our Message without intentional practice? As we go through the course, we will discover how to communicate better.
Session 1: Communication Process
Session 2: Communication Process
Lesson 1 Session 2: Question/Activity
Homework # 1: 6 Types of Communication
Session 3: Gospel Communicators
Lesson 1 Session 3: Video Observations
Homework # 2: Plan and Research

Effective Communication

Communication and Culture

Improving Electronic Communication

Improving Speech Communication

About Course

This course explores the nature of communication and its different forms with an emphasis on oral communication. The activities will allow students to improve the effectiveness of their communication skills.

What to learn?

Students will discover the concepts and principles that form the basis for communication in ministry settings. In addition, the student will be introduced to aspects of culture that affect how messages are transmitted and received as well as basic principles of effective electronic and speech communication. Overall, this course will improve how you connect and communicate with the people around you, relevantly communicate with their culture/context and grow your skill for preaching or public speaking. Moreover, help you understand why it is important to be an effective communicator as the Lord Jesus Christ.


  • 1. Time Commitment
  • 2. Bible Reading and Prayer Journal
  • 3. Interview
  • 4. Bible Study
  • 5. Sermon
  • 6. Preach or Teach the sermon or lesson above in a real life setting in a local church.


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Ingrid and Terence worked together at World Mission Communications (WMC), the Nazarene media center in the Philippines. Ingrid worked as a missionary in graphic arts and writing, and Terence worked…
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