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[LB 100] Survey of the Bible


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43 Lessons45h

Session 1: Packing Up: What is the Bible?

Lesson 2: Oral Tradition
Lesson 3: Written Tradition
Essay: Writing in Exile
Lesson 4: Translations
Worksheet: Translation Types
Lesson 5: The Word of God
Read and Reflect
Memory Verse
Session 1 Quiz: Packing Up

Session 2: The Great Author: Who wrote the Bible?

Session 3: The Ultimate Guide: Why do we have the Bible?

Session 4: The Great Dilemma: What does it mean to be the people of God?

Session 5: The Covenant: How does God invite His people to join in His Story?

Session 6: Settling Down: Exploring the Dilemma (Joshua and Judges)

Session 7: Things that Go Up: Expanding the Dilemma

Session 8: Beauty in Pain: Expressing the Dilemma

Session 9: Speaking Out: Exposing the Dilemma

Session 10: Who Are We Now?: What is our Identity after Exile?

Session 11: The Perfect Image: Who is Jesus and what does He have to do with the Dilemma?

Session 12: Here Comes the Bride: What is the church and what does she have to do with the Dilemma?



This course is an introduction to the content, history, and personalities of the Christian Bible with special attention on its basis for Christian beliefs and proclamation.

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Lustaña has been a missionary in the Asia-Pacific Region since 2014. She has taught from daycare to college in several countries. She currently serves in Bangkok, Thailand with her husband, Terence Lustaña, and their daugher. 2018 - MST in Biblical