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TP 203 Christian Education

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Video Tutorials


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Course content

4 Lessons

Session 1: Principles of Christian Formation

Draft Lesson
powerpoint lesson 1
Principle of Formal and Informal Education
Lesson 1 Quiz: Christian Formation, part 1

Session 2: Eight Ways Formation Happens

Session 3: How People Develop

Session 4: How People Learn

Session 5: Developing Curriculum for Sunday School

Session 6: How to Teach (How to Lead a Bible Study, Lead Discussions, etc.)

Session 7: The Organization of Christian Formation in the Church of the Nazarene

Session 8: Making an Impact on the Community through Christian Formation

Session 9: Begin Age-level Presentations


This course introduces students to the principles, philosophies, objectives, methods and importance of Christian education. Sunday School will be the focus in how to practice Christian education in the local church.

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